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Best Fall Family Photo Outfits From Amazon

Fall is one of the best times for family photos. Between the gorgeous golden hour, crisp fall leaves, and beautiful weather — your photos are sure to be stunning. But when it comes to getting the family dressed up for the big photo shoot, you might not know where to begin. Don’t worry, most people don’t!


That’s exactly why I’ve curated a list of the best fall family photo outfits. For moms, dads, kids, and toddlers — this list has everything you need to make your fall family photo shoot a success.


You’ve picked the date, locked in the photographer, and are ready for your fall family photos. But there’s a problem: you have no idea what to wear. And friend, you are not alone!


But when you multiply this problem times your family of five, picking outfits for the big day can start to seem … overwhelming to say the least. But don’t worry, mama. I’ve got you covered. With my list of the best fall family photo outfits, you’ll have the outfits you need and the confidence that your pictures will turn out great. (Not to mention they are all from amazon! Hello, 2 day shipping and free returns!)



Best for mom 

When it comes to looks for mom, warm neutrals and flowing material are always a win. Here are my favorite looks that are both functional and fashionable.


  • Creamy, high-low dress – I love how this whimsical dress flows in pictures. It’s absolutely beautiful!
  • Rusty, tunic dress – This dress satisfies all your pumpkin spice latte dreams. Plus the rust color looks amazing during golden hour.

  • Grey, wrap dress – Wrap dresses are flattering on just about anyone — check this one out if a wrap dress suits your look.
  • Button skater dress – If you’re looking for a soft, breathable dress — this is the one for you. Not to mention, it comes in dozens of colors you can pick from.

  • Sweater dress – Not your grandma’s sweater dress. This chic design gives you a high-fashion look for a fraction of the cost.
  • Maxi dress – For a more formal shoot, I’d recommend this gorgeous maxi dress. It photographs well and gives you a sophisticated look in every photo.


Best for dad

I always recommend starting with mom then doing Dad, I have found it is much easier to have them coordinate with you after you’ve picked out the perfect dress.. These pieces photograph well and are great to have for day-to-day outfits as well.


  • Comfy cardigan – This cable-knit cardigan is one of my favorites for dad

  • Light cardigan – Make it a cardigan, but lighter. If you’re taking pictures before the chill sets in, this is a great option to give a fall vibe without sweating up a storm.
  • Classy pullover – This pullover is a one-piece-wonder. Throw it on over a t-shirt and you’ll instantly have the classy, fall vibe you’re looking for. 
  • Classic button-down – If you’re looking for a shirt that works across seasons, I’d strongly recommend this classic button-down. You’ll get to wear it year-round and it’ll look great in the shoot.

  • Chambray button-down – Who doesn’t love a good chambray? This shirt looks great in photos and is incredibly versatile, so you’re sure to get plenty of use out of it.


Best for kids

I’m a mama, I get the struggle finding adorable and affordable clothes for your little one(or little ones!) But you can have both! And here are a few of my favs.  



I love these fall outfits for girls because they’re sweet, neutral, and comfy. I’ve carefully chosen pieces to compliment a capsule style wardrobe and that your daughter can wear all Fall and Winter. 


  • Seater cape – An adorable option to complete any fall look.
  • Quilted dress – Such a sweet dress if you’re looking for something simple.

  • Simple henley – Layer this henley under one of the jumpers to make a precious outfit.
  • Corded jumper – This corded jumper looks great with a neutral-tone photo shoot.
  • Sweater tights – Sweater tights will keep your little one warm if the photo shoot is in cold outdoor weather. And just look how cute they are!?

  • Grey jumper – Another favorite jumper for layering.
  • Camel peacoat If it’s extra chilly, add this peacoat to bring your fall outfit together.



Your little boy is bound to run off and play in the leaves. That’s why I picked some fall outfits that can withstand a storm or two. Plus — so many of these pieces could be interchangeable if you want to do a photo shoot with multiple outfits.


  • Checkered button-down – If dad is wearing the classic button-down, this is the perfect mini-version to match.

  • Suspenders – These sweet suspenders will put the perfect finishing touch on any fall outfit.
  • Pullover – I love this pullover to keep your little one warm on your cool, fall photo shoot day.
  • White button-down – Layer this white button-down with any of the other fall outfit options.
  • Collar Cardigan – This sweet grey cardigan has elbow patches that are my favorite little detail.

  • Grey sweater – Pair this sweater over one of the button-downs to make an adorable little outfit


Infant & toddler

You want sweet pictures with your littlest, but wow — it can be hard to keep them happy. That’s why all of my fall outfit picks for infants and toddlers are super simple onesie-style outfits, to keep the tears at bay. 


  • Corded onesie – This corded onesie is hard to resist and gives me all the snuggle vibes. Perfect for all winter long.

  • Button-up onesie – This is my favorite option if you’re wanting to add accessories to your little one’s outfit.
  • Pocket onesie – If you’re going for a simple, organic look, this onesie is for you. 
  • Sleeveless onesie – Perfect for layering and warmer states, this onesie suits photo shoots with calm-neutrals. (I love this one for my boys!)

  • Floral onesie – This floral onesie is the perfect delicate pattern to add some variety to your outfits.
  • Overall onesie – These little bitty overalls look precious in fall photo shoots.
  • Linen-bow onesie – Timeless, linen, and a great variety of colors. It’s perfect!

  • Overall set – Okay, so … technically not a onesie, but this sweet overall set is just too cute to resist.



How to pick the best fall family photo outfits

When you’re looking for fall family photo outfits, it’s easy to get overwhelmed with all of your options. If you start to feel stressed, ask yourself these three questions to refocus and get back on track.

  • How do you want your photos to feel? No two photo shoots are exactly the same. These options provide you with styles that are organic and simple as well as timeless and classy. Think about the feeling first, then use that to make other decisions when buying your wardrobe.
  • Where are you going? If your fall shoot is taking you deep into nature, that will require different clothes than a photo shoot at home. Talk with your photographer about your location, and then choose outfits that match!
  • What’s most important? The people in the photos. These links are to help you stress less when it comes to taking your family photos so that you can enjoy the process with the people you love.



Whether you’re just looking for yourself or need outfits for the whole family — this shopping guide has the best fall family photo outfits from amazon that will leave you smiling at your pictures for years to come.

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