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Here are 10 things that made my life insanely easier this week, or they were just awesome, and I wanted to share with you! 1. Emily Ley’s Simplified Planner   Admittedly I’m a bit of a planner snob. I’ve tried many many over the years and this one is by far my favorite. It’s beautiful, […]

Intentional Living, Life With Grace

September 8, 2019

My Top 10 | Week 1

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Words like minimalism, simplicity, and intentional living are all the rage right now. –Yes, I did say “all the rage” and yes, I am a 90’s kid. Before Marie Kondo took over our Netflix accounts there were many people already putting these practices into place. Or just reading her book. Side note-Does anyone else feel […]

Intentional Living

January 17, 2019

What Does Intentional Living Look Like?

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I am a recovering people pleaser.   I used to wear the title as a badge of honor. Or at least a badge of martyrdom. Because if I was pleasing someone else and not myself wasn’t it honorable? Sacrificial? Nope. Big fat nope. I realized that giving people, flawed people, power over me was wrecking […]

Intentional Living

January 4, 2019

Where Does Your Worth Come From?

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Today starts day two of Allie Casazza’s #declutterlikeamother challenge. If you aren’t familiar with it head on over to her website here! 30 days of decluttering for the mom ( or anyone! ) who is over the mess. I thought it would be nice to do a little introduction to minimalism to break down the million […]

Intentional Living

January 2, 2019

What is Minimalism?

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This is part two in the series! Read part one here! You know the days where you go to the store not knowing when your last shower was and you can only pray that the hat is hiding your hair? The days where you hope no one sees you. I had one. Actually… several. I felt tired, frumpy, […]

Intentional Living, Life With Grace, Motherhood

December 3, 2018

Why A Capsule Wardrobe Saved My Sanity And How It Can Save Yours Too! Pt. 2

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Do you ever feel paralyzed with how many decisions we have to make? I love modern conveniences. But sometimes we have so many choices that it becomes ridiculous! I mean c’mon Baskin Robbins..mamma likes ice cream. Don’t tempt me with 31 flavors all at once! I can’t even think straight at the Cheesecake Factory. Oh! […]

Intentional Living, Motherhood

November 27, 2018

Why A Capsule Wardrobe Saved My Sanity And How It Can Save Yours Too! Pt. 1

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Today is a huuuuge day for our fam. We’ve been working for months to get here. It’s Tyler’s first official day of college after almost a decade in the Air Force. My new website launches (hooray and welcome!). And it’s October 1st! One of my favorite months. We also will celebrate Oliver and Coopers birthdays! […]

Intentional Living

October 1, 2018


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