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It’s Friday and I wanted to mix things up a little bit. My family is the main reason why I started taking photographs. And since then, learning to shoot film has taught me to slow down and be present while I photograph them. Not checking the back of my camera or worrying about all the […]

Family, Our Family

February 1, 2019

Friday On The Farm

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In true second child fashion, here is Cooper’s third birthday blog…..two weeks late. My apologies kiddo. It was an early bedtime after a no-nap day. I’ve plugged in the sound machine three times. And tried three different volumes to try and appease his ears…to no avail. He unplugs it. Okay, not everyone has to enjoy […]

Our Family

November 3, 2018

Cooper Jack

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Let’s start with the basics.   1. Boots. If you don’t have any you might end up stepping in a hole, falling, and having mosquitos and chiggers swarm your legs. On your very first day. Those leather strappy sandals are cute in the city. But on the farm you need to cover those tootsies quick! 2. […]

Our Family

October 22, 2018

So, you wanna move to a farm?

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Oliver Beckett. Ollie Bear. Ollie. Or Ofler as your brothers like to call you. I’m rocking and nursing you as I type this. Thinking back on how infinitely better my life has been this last year because you were in it. It was early in the spring of 2017. Seasons of change were everywhere around […]

Our Family

October 19, 2018

Oliver Beckett

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