i love

I am so glad you found your way to my abode on the world wide web. Let's just pretend we're tucked away in a cottage, drinking coffee by the fireside with fuzzy socks on. Sound good? When I'm not dreaming of my one-day country english cottage, I'm working on our farm or baking cookies with my 3 little boys. 

Home is where my photography journey started and I believe it's where our photographs should end up. On our walls, our mantels, our bedsides. Next to a vase of fresh cut flowers and a candle from Homegoods. (All my fav things.) One day they will tell the story that I no longer can. The little details, the big moments, the story of our lives.



meet grace


white dishes

my boys

fresh flowers

knit sweaters

anything sweet

At GPP, my why is not just to create heirloom photographs that timelessly tell your story. It is to show you how beautiful you are while capturing genuine and authentic moments. To encourage you to live joyfully and abundantly, through friendship, in this season and the ones to come. 

Genuine joy
Authentic connection

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