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I'm Grace, a mother, wife, and photographer based in Nashville, TN. I offer new and expecting families timeless photos of their greatest treasures. 


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I climbed into the backseat to distribute sippy cups and tuck napkins into their collars. The smell of vanilla americanos transforming our van into a small bistro. But instead of smooth jazz or classical piano playing over the speakers it was a chorus of “Are we there yet?”. Forty five minutes and you’d think they’d […]

Our Nashville Maternity Session

Nashville couple takes Maternity photos at the Ellington Agricultural Center

May 27, 2020

I first came upon the idea of dressing for how you want to feel after I bought Allie Casazza’s Your Uncluttered Home. One of my biggest takeaways was that you can be washing the dishes, changing the 8th dirty diaper today or 8 months pregnant and still feel beautiful. It comes down to making intentional […]

My Top 4 Places to Buy Maternity Clothes on a Budget

Nashville Mom shares her top 4 places to buy maternity clothes on a budget.

March 9, 2020

Check out a few favorites from Chloe and Luke’s Nashville Maternity session!   I first met Chloe when we were working together as wedding vendors. She, a skilled florist and calligrapher, caught my eye with her attention to detail and servant heart. After exchanging numbers and chatting back and forth on social media we decided […]

Nashville Maternity Session | Chloe & Luke

March 6, 2020

I sat at the kitchen table, full of veggie straw crumbs and the remnants of 3 turkey sandwiches. You climbed up in my lap and squeezed my arm while we watched through the archway your brothers dancing in the living room. It was one of those moments that caught me off guard. Nothing spectacular. Very […]

Read This If You’re A Mom of Littles

Read this heartfelt letter if you're a Mom of littles, it won't last forever.

March 2, 2020

It’s time for another Fount Collective recap! I had the privilege of attending a motherhood photography workshop in Serene, GA this winter. It came at just the right time in my season of life and business. I was newly pregnant with our fourth baby and very very aware of how fleeting these days are.   […]

Lifestyle Motherhood Session | The Fount Collective

Intimate indoor lifestyle family session by Nashville Photographer, Grace Paul Photography.

February 27, 2020

I sat on the floor in your nursery. The room still had a faint smell of fresh gray paint. The walls were bare. I stared at you, lying on that blanket, it had only been a week but how had you changed so much? My camera sat next to me and I could see in […]

When I Knew I Had to Pick Up the Camera

A letter to Moms to photograph their children. Nashville Family Photographer Grace Paul shares her story about why she decided to leave fear behind and pick up her camera.

February 24, 2020

I had the privilege of attending the Fount Collective Workshop in Serene, GA this winter. Even more so, I had the privilege of meeting this exquisite mother. Rylee Hitchner is a destination photographer based in the South who believes in telling intimate, genuine stories through her artwork. She radiants joy. There is something about her […]

Maternity Session | The Fount Collective

Outdoor Maternity Session by Nashville Film Photographer Grace Paul Photography.

February 21, 2020

We were supposed to travel. We were young, newly married, newly free. Four years of travel while you finished out your enlistment seemed like the thing to do. It’s what people in the military just did. Until it was time to move into our first home. You weren’t there that first day. Called away to […]

The Way it Was Supposed to Be

Two empty white chairs in an Asheville Greenhouse.

February 14, 2020